Sustenable Sport Fishing

We pride ourselves in having a team that is passionate about sustainable sportfishing and engages actively in conservation both on the water and onshore. Our policy is release most of our captures and all endangered species.

Let ‘Em Live to Fight Another Day

Panama means to have a great population of fish, and we want it to stay that way. The value of a fish in the water versus a fish on the plate is also an important element of sport fishing.
When those fisherman rent a boat, we need to hire local captain, we going to buy fuel, they’re going to buy food in the restaurants, they’re going to rent a car or buy some stuff in local shops. They’re more than likely going to use some of the accommodations here because they are not going to be staying on the boat, so it will provide an injection of capital into the economy.
That’s one of the main reasons why anglers have always been at the forefront of conservation efforts: Beyond the clear understanding that conservation is vital for the health of the resource, it’s good for our fishing experiences, too.
We takes its responsibility for spreading the word on sustainable sport fishing to the local community seriously, and is very open to helping out anglers either new to the sport or with some experience.  Our mission is to empower local people to sustainably develop, grow and manage sportfishing businesses.
Catch and Release, is worth saying a thousand times if it drives the point – if you throw them back, you give them the chance to live, mate and reproduce more fish for us to catch.
We make sure your tackle is appropriately matched to your target species to help increase survival rates.
With sustainable practices, this will remain a fishing paradise for a long time.

Keep the trash out of the water

The problem is that trash and debris in the water, such discarded fishing tackle, nets, cigarette filters and grocery bags, can be mistaken for food by fish, mammals, and birds. If wrapped around them or consumed, can lead to suffocation, starvation, cancers and a host of other issues.
How many times have we all seen mounds fishing nets tangled carelessly discarded on popular fishing spots?
Going further, If you are serious about helping to preserve fishing and protecting the environment, pick up any trash you see, – even if it is not yours. You’ll be doing it for the sport of fishing and our environment.

Our Commitment

We are convinced that regular maintenance of our boats will go a long way towards helping the cause, as well as ensuring safer trips.
The goal of sustainable development of sport fishing tourism in Gulf of Montijo area is to improve the quality of life of local communities, to preserve natural resources, and to realize the economic benefits and socio-cultural heritage.
We are all responsible for the conservation of our wildlife and environment. As anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, we can individually do little things that can have long-term, positive consequences.