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Gulf of Montijo Dolphin Watching

Our History

We weren’t lucky enough to grow up near the sea, just occasionally on single-day or weekend family outings.

More than 15 years ago, when we got to know the well-preserved beauties that the Veraguas coast kept for very few, an insatiable desire was awakened to enjoy these natural treasures, over and over again. In each visit to its turquoise waters and green coasts, we fell in love as a teenager with her first love.

It is not easy to understand the complexity and fragility of these ecosystems and how millions of living beings (plants and animals) must live in harmony in order to preserve these natural wonders. It was then that the flame of passion for conservation was lit; This is why we say “Explore, Discover, Love and Conserve”.

We began to learn with the best instructors, with those who have lived in these areas a lifetime, navigating their waters and who know every corner, every story, and every secret that is not found in any book. With them, we created an alliance, a team that seeks to get the best of each one to show others what we have and at the same time have the tools to take care of it and protect it.

And as a natural evolution, Pacific Adventure Tours was born, is a mix between nature and adventure tourism, with strong ties to teamwork and the conservation of our ecosystems.

We Offer Naturally Unique Experiences

More than just a walk, we try to offer memorable experiences, we seek that the best memory that our visitors take with them, is the bond they make with the environment and what they learned from it, and then begin to love it just like us.

While it is true, we are passionate about sportfishing, in addition fascinated by seeing whales, dolphins, sea turtles, thousands of birds soaring through the sky and that dense jungle that surrounds us, what we love is seeing the surprise or astonishment of our visitors when they discover something naturally exceptional before his eyes.

We measure our success if you fall in love with these landscapes and their wild inhabitants, as much as we do. We are very grateful for the hundreds of new friends that we have acquired in these years, on a journey that began in a boat and ended in the hearts of each one of them. To all of you, again thank you very much …


To provide outstanding travel & adventure experiences by creating inspiring journeys, meeting you with nature in immersive and learning experiences, build us as a preferred brand for our partners and enhance market positioning at the same time, take carrying our environment.

Being the favorite adventures service company for the Coasts of Veraguas and Panama.


Spirit of adventure100%
Be Sustainable100%
Be Passion100%
Be Authentic100%
Be Caring100%


Accompany you and become your next adventure in the most meaningful natural and wild experiences with your family and friends, at the same time full of comfort and security.

  • Provide first-class experience in adventure services in the area of the Pacific in Panama.
  • Raise the quality of tourism services in the region.
  • Help conserve the environment and resources to make tourism a sustainable self economic activity.

Our Services

We offer a variety of trips, fun, safe, affordable outings for you, your families, and groups of friends.

We believe that when you travel, you should never settle for the ordinary. You deserve to travel in good company, with someone who cares. We work for every moment count in your vacation time to provide an up-close look at nature on our coasts of Panama. 

We always going the extra mile to find unique ways to enrich your experience of cultures, history, and nature.

Our policy for “small private groups” means that you will enjoy the best of land and sea – high-quality experiences, during expertly guided tours, private and intimate experience, strategically planned sightseeing.

Explore nature at its most spectacular as you learn about wildlife and local history, in almost untouched places where curious guests want to discover every detail.

We offer exciting days in solitary island beaches year-round, all boats are available for private charter.  From July to October we have whale and dolphin watching tours.

For the more intrepid, our boats and crew have a well-earned reputation for finding and catching fish in the Montijo’s Gulf. Our “never give up” attitude has earned us a loyal following, and beginners and pros alike who love to fish join us on some of the clean and nicest boats in Veraguas.

Our boat fishing trips offer an exciting activity that’s suitable for everyone. We offer bookings for private charter trips. From family days, corporate team building and educational trips to birthday treats, hen and stag parties – fishing is a fantastic way to get out on the water, have fun, and learn more about the local marine environment.

All equipment and safety gear is provided on board so you don’t need to bring a thing, simply dress for the weather!



Intimate Experiences

We have more flexibility and freedom to include spontaneous discoveries and unexpected experiences that make your journey with us more special

Magical Destinations

We live in Wanderlust. Once you come, you’ll see why we can’t stop exploring, we share with you our secrets, the wildlife wonders and landscapes pristine and postcard-perfect.

Private Departure

We just offer private trips, with departure from exclusive ports, only for you, family, and friends, enjoy the flexibility of your own vacation agenda.

Meet The Team

Angelo Solanilla

Chief Executive Officer

Manuel Zeballos

Senior Captain

Mansur Moutran

Senior Captain