Beach Escape in Panama

Adventure Start with Us!

Find your self in front of you, with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, under the sea, abundant marine life, and colorful coral reefs, behind you tropical forests of lush vegetation and wildlife, which are not found anywhere else in the world, make these islands in paradisiacal tourist destinations in Panama.

Pedasi, Cebaco, Coiba and the rest of the islands of the Coiba National Park are the perfect places to escape the noise, responsibilities and daily routine.

Private Departure and Small Groups

If you want to travel on a private trip with just your family and friends, we are the way to go. We will book your trip, and arrange everything for your party. Your private and intimate group will enjoy the experiences and exclusive service. In smaller group, you’ll connect more with your fellows guests, enjoy enhaced insider access, and have a chance to stay longer in places you want to explore.

If you choose the destination that suits your plans, you can contact us and we will send you a proposal, based on your preferences and requirements.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the natural wonders of the Gulf of Montijo. With small groups and personalized attention, on this tour, we will take you to some of the most spectacular places in Panama.

Adventure and Nature Tourism in Panama

Explore a side of this part of the world that many people can’t even imagine. Have you ever dreamed of swimming with sea turtles or even harmless sharks? Make your dreams come true during this vacation; creating memories that will last forever.

Our journeys in the national parks and natural reserves over the Coast of Panama, you can experience them at the best times of day – sunrise, sunset, and after the day-trippers have left. Explore with naturalists and insiders who know them like the back of their hand.

You will have a chance to taste local flavors, live local experiences that other travelers don’t have, keep close encounters with the wilderness of Panama, in a meaningful way.

We have the perfect private charter for you, paradisiacal destinations, excellent boats, experienced captains, and a very cheerful crew so that your time onboard is memorable. We know the best sports – where nature will leave you speechless.

Mariato’s Coast – Panama

The western shore of the Azuero, known as the Sunset Coast because it’s the only one in the country from...
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Santa Catalina Island Sunset

Santa Catalina – Panama

Santa Catalina, Panama is located on the Pacific coast in the central province of Veraguas. It is a mixture of quiet...
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Beach of Gulf of Montijo

Tres Islas (Three Island) – Gulf of Montijo

These exotic and beautiful islets are located in the northeastern part of Isla Leones, toward the central part of the Gulf of Montijo....
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Snorkeling in Coiba - Wild Colorful Adventure

Coiba – Living Laboratory

It has the highest rate of endemism of any equivalent region in the world, with over 1,700 hectares of living...
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Cebaco Island – A Paradise to Discover

Located in the Gulf of Montijo, is the perfect spot to escape from the world and enjoy the incredible silence of...
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Tintorera - Cebaco Island

Tintorera Island or Caleta, Cebaco

It is located south of the Gulf of Montijo, it is the perfect place to escape the world and enjoy the incredible silence of nature can give you. Cebaco is a peaceful, quiet people, with kilometers of pristine beaches....
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