Panama Inshore Fishing

Rancheria Island - Coiba

Panama Best Boat, Beach & Snorkel Tours

We offer the Best Boat, Beach & Snorkel Tours in Panama, with activities like Sportfishing, Birdwatching, Dolphin, and Whale Watching to the Gulf of Montijo, Coiba & Cebaco Island, and Iguana Island & Pedasi. You’ll find us charting a course for special places where the crowds don’t go, where travel experiences ashore are authentic and...
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Fishing in Mutis – Panama

Mutis (Mutis Port) is a gateway for Gulf of Montijo at less than 30 minutes from the Santiago city in Veraguas or 4 hours from Panama City. This magnificent natural harbour offers over 100 kilometers of winding waterways to explore with all of this surrounded by lush greenery about 894.52 km2 (89,452 hect) of RAMSAR...
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Panama Sustenable SportFishing

We pride ourselves in having a team that is passionate about sustainable sportfishing and engages actively in conservation both on the water and onshore. Our policy is to release most of our captures and all endangered species. Let ‘Em Live to Fight Another Day Panama means to have a great population of fish, and we...
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Panama Boat Tours

Panama Boat Tours & Natural Experiences

One of the most spectacular and magical regions of Panama is the Pacific coast of Veraguas and Pedasí. The true gem that attracts many visitors to Panama is Coiba Island; However, the island of Cébaco and Isla Iguana have nothing to ask of their older sister, white sands, crystal clear waters and a biodiversity that...
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Fishing Mahi Mahi Panama

Panama SportFishing

We offer you fishing charters for professional world-class offshore, inshore, and estuaries (river) fishing in Veraguas and Pedasi Coast in Panama. The best combination, impressive locations alongside excellent boats, complete fishing equipment, and captains with many years of experience. Regardless of whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out, we can customize a...
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The Wetlands of the Gulf of Montijo

The San Pedro and San Pablo rivers, both located in the Province of Veraguas, unite their waters to create one of the most complete ecosystems of Panama: the Gulf of Montijo Wetlands. Both rivers flow in this area, creating along with numerous tributaries, a series of channels and coastal lands that constitute a habitat for...
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What are the species to be found in an estuary?

An estuary is any semi-enclosed body of water which opens into the sea and is also connected to a river. When anglers talk of estuaries in a sea fishing context they usually refer to fishing in the mouth of a large tidal river, such as Gulf of Montijo. Fishing within an estuary generally offers sheltered...
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Female turtles lay their eggs at the same beach on which they were born

Panama One Day Tours

We offer different ways to spend a day of adventure in Panama, book now one of our One Day Tour, surrounded by nature and good company, starting with a private boat ride, then visits paradisiacal islands, whale watching, sportfishing, and much more. Adventures and Natural Activities in Panama Overlooking the wildlife-rich Gulf of Montijo, promise...
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