Panama Hiking & Trekking

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Panama and Veraguas allows you to spend days of hiking, taking in the great views, smelling the flowers, and breaking out the sweat, trekking a path to a distant and lonely waterfall or some cliff to meet the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, enjoying an unforgettable sunset, but later at the end of each day you get to kick those shoes off.

Senderismo en Panamá

With approximate 32% of land and 12% of marine areas, Panama is protected by National Parks and Nature Reserves, it is a country that offers multiple natural landscapes where exploring them is lived and enjoyed better with a long walk.

Protected areas are the habitat of thousands of species of plants and animals, many of them endanger; at the same time, they are the stage for multiple unique ecological and evolutionary processes. On the other hand, they contain pre-Columbian vestiges and Hispanic remains that reaffirm our identity as a nation; in addition to promoting the conservation of our autochthonous cultures, made up of indigenous, Afro-Caribbean, and Hispanic communities.