Panama Cultural Traditions

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Tourists, who visit Panama and Veraguas, will be impressed by its friendly people, its tribes, and ancestral traditions that have been preserved to these days, added to the beautiful beaches, famous for surfing, crystalline lakes and rivers, high waterfalls, and tropical forests that reach to the feet of high mountains.

Veraguas is the only province in the world with coasts on both the Atlantic (Caribean) and the Pacific oceans. The natural richness of its territory is due to the variety of landscapes, flora, and fauna.

Veraguas is also the land of the Guaymi people, known as the fierce warriors who defeated the Spaniards several times. Although they are no longer ferocious, they still prefer to keep their distance from the rest of the country. Due to their voluntary isolation, their traditional practices and culture have remained unchanged for centuries.

The tourism infrastructure is developing, and Santiago has all the potential to turn into an important destination due to its strategic position, which gives access to many must-see places of Panama.

San Francisco de la Montaña Church

The Church of San Francisco de la Montaña , in Veraguas, is one of the few examples of Baroque art...
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Coiba – A Dangerus Prison

For almost 100 years, Coíba was inhabited only by criminals and political prisoners. Now it’s one of the most biodiverse...
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10 Facts about Coiba National Park

Islands evoke feelings of relaxation, not death, torture and imprisonment. However, Coiba Island off the coast of Panama was actually...
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Sport or Recreational fishing

Recreational Fishing is a fishing activity that takes place with sporting purposes, recreation, hobby or non profit competition. This activity can be practiced in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries and the sea either from the shore...
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The importance of Mangroves

The mangrove is often considered a type of biomass, formed by trees very salt tolerant occupying the intertidal zone near...
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Fishing and Preserving

The first sentence should jump is Catch & Release (catch and release). This practice in itself is a tremendous advance,...
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