San Francisco de la Montaña Church

The Church of San Francisco de la Montaña , in Veraguas, is one of the few examples of Baroque art throughout Central America and the Caribbean , becoming a major tourist destination visited by people from around the world .
This national monument has a series of altars like the Major Altar of Santo Cristo , St. Joseph Altar , Altar of the Immaculate , Altar of Las Animas , Santa Barbara Altar , Altar of the Virgin of the Rosary and Altar San Antonio.
The Church of San Francisco de la Montaña has more than 400 years old and is a Colonial Baroque masterpiece of seventeenth -century .
The temple is a National Monument sice 1937, saved as invaluable architectural and historical treasure, its eastern side and the stunning making their altars , altarpieces, pulpit, baptismal font and its bell tower.

How to get there?

From Panama City , take the Panamerican Highway to reach Santiago , Veraguas . You must go through the Inter-American Highway heading north, about 17 kilometers, past the overpass towards National University , without deviating from the main road up to the police substation at the entrance of the village and go further to the central square, where located this temple.

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