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One of the most spectacular and magical regions of Panama is the Pacific coast of Veraguas and Pedasí. The true gem that attracts many visitors to Panama is Coiba Island; However, the island of Cébaco and Isla Iguana have nothing to ask of their older sister, white sands, crystal clear waters and a biodiversity that make them unique.

These destinations are known for their incredible diving and snorkeling excursions that take you to tour these islands, to discover their natural wealth under water, with beautiful coral reefs and an abundant biodiversity.

Besides the natural beauty, we offer a series of activities such as sport fishing, whale watching, and wildlife encounters, the Coasts of Pedasí, Mariato, Coiba, Golfo de Montijo, and Cebaco are the setting, which will surely make you return again and again.

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Count on us to take you beyond the ordinary, we always go the extra mile to find unique ways to enrich your experience of cultures, history and nature.

Our guides know these places like the back of their hand, and they will share with you secrets of our customs and traditions, as no one else will. We strive so that every moment of your vacation counts and that more than a boat trip, it becomes an experience to discover, learn and enjoy.

Panama the Route of the Humpback Whales

The humpback whales inhabit all world oceans. Each group moves in its own feeding and breeding area, year after year....
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Delfín Nariz de Botella - Panama

Unforgettable Dolphin Boat Tours in Panama

We combining sightseeing and learning, our Dolphin Tour and Wildlife Adventure appeals to nature enthusiasts, for all ages. Enjoy the...
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Dolphing in Panama

Gulf of Montijo Dolphin Safari

Gulf of Montijo offers a unique opportunity to enjoy marine life at its best and will be your greatest wildlife...
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Panama offer unique sport fishing experience, Pedasi is one of the most important fishing spot in Panama

The Best Fishing Spots in Panama

The legends say that Panama means, in the indigenous language, abundance of butterflies, others say that it is abundant fish. In...
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Mariato’s Coast – Panama

The western shore of the Azuero, known as the Sunset Coast because it’s the only one in the country from...
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Santa Catalina Island Sunset

Santa Catalina – Panama

Santa Catalina, Panama is located on the Pacific coast in the central province of Veraguas. It is a mixture of quiet...
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