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Coiba - Colorful Underwater Show

Coiba a Natural Aquarium

The Coiba National Park is internationally recognized for being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for its dark history as Prison Island, because 80% of its territory remains virgin, without human intervention and that it houses exotic species, some still undiscovered and the most common for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and white...
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Panama the Route of the Humpback Whales

The humpback whales inhabit all world oceans. Each group moves in its own feeding and breeding area, year after year. In the Pacific Southeast, there is a population that migrates from the Antarctic and Chile to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica, it’s the only migration that involves crossing the Equator. Everything begins the...
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Snorkel in Panama

Panama Top Vacation Tours

We present our best options for Panama Tours Vacations, our destinations have a variety of activities you can do, either alone, as a couple, or in the company of friends or family. All our tours are private, which ensures a higher level of comfort, come and know the magic of Cebaco, the magnetism of Pedasi,...
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