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Veraguas is the only province in the world with coasts on both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. The natural richness of its territory is due to the variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. Tourists will be impressed by the beautiful beaches famous for surf practice, clear lakes and rivers, high waterfalls and tropical forests that hug the feet of tall mountains. Veraguas is also the land of the Guaymi people, known as the fierce warriors who defeated the Spaniards several times. Although they are no longer ferocious, they still prefer to keep distance from the rest of the country. Due to their voluntary isolation, their traditional practices and culture have remained unchanged for centuries.

Panamanian Humpback Whales are Back in Panama

Panama is one of only two places in the world where whales arrive from both poles (North and South) and...
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Panama the Route of the Humpback Whales

The humpback whale inhabits all world oceans. Each group moves in its own feeding and breeding area, year after year....
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Delfín Nariz de Botella - Panama

Unforgettable Dolphin Boat Tours in Panama

We combining sightseeing and learning, our Dolphin Tour and Wildlife Adventure appeals to nature enthusiasts, for all ages. Enjoy the...
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Dolphing in Panama

Gulf of Montijo Dolphin Safari, Wild Experience

Gulf of Montijo offers a unique opportunity to enjoy marine life at its best and will be your greatest wildlife...
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Mariato’s Coast – Panama

The western shore of the Azuero, known as the Sunset Coast because it’s the only one in the country from...
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Santa Catalina Island Sunset

Santa Catalina – Panama

Santa Catalina, Panama is located on the Pacific coast in the central province of Veraguas. It is a mixture of quiet...
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