In front of Coiba Island, we find Isla Rancheria, also called Coibita, well known for being the younger sister of Coiba Island; it’s one of the most popular stops for visitors interested in exploring the national park.
Its white sands, an abundance of palm trees make it the ideal place to spend a day enjoying nature; it’s special for activities such as sea tourism, kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking.

Coiba is considered a living laboratory, every year new species are discovered, since much of its territory has not been fully studied, which is why the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has a research center, where it collaborates with other international entities, studies marine plants and species in search of new cures for diseases that hit the world population.

How to Get There:

You must rent a boat, that takes you from the coast, the most popular places are from Santa Catalina, Playa Banco among others that is located almost to the front, only about 70 minutes journey.

However, if you are in the city of Santiago and do not want to drive two hours to any of these locations, you can make the journey from Puerto Mutis or from our headquarters in the Bongo de Montijo. It is just over two hours; the trip begins by sailing along the San Pedro River, passing the community of Hicaco, until reaching Punta Brava, then passing by Santa Catalina, where we will set the course to our destination.

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