This tour is perfect for everyone, even those snorkeling for the first time, a fun and secure experience, and would like to explore our beautiful coral reef and marine eco-system.
Experience the stunning aquatic beauty of these pristine waters. The reef system of Coiba and Iguana Island is literally bursting with colorful marine life. Our Boat Tours include Captain, snorkel guide, equipment, and life jackets.

Coiba - Colorful Underwater Show

Coiba a Natural Aquarium

The Coiba National Park is internationally recognized for being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for its dark history as Prison Island, because 80% of its territory remains virgin, without human intervention and that it houses exotic species, some still undiscovered and the most common for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and white...
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Snorkeling in Coiba - Wild Colorful Adventure

Coiba – Living Laboratory

It has the highest rate of endemism of any equivalent region in the world, with over 1,700 hectares of living coral reefs in the National Park.
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Cebaco Island – A Paradise to Discover

Located in the Gulf of Montijo, is the perfect spot to escape from the world and enjoy the incredible silence of nature can give. It is very quiet and peaceful and simple people. There are miles of pristine beaches, with subtle waves, the sound of the waves as they returned exudes an indescribable noise of rolling...
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Diving in Coiba

Located in the Panamanian Pacific Coast, Coiba Island is the largest of the islands within Coiba National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005.The waters surrounding this volcanic archipelago are undoubtedly the best diving destination in Panama. Because Isla Coiba was a penal colony, access to it has historically been very restricted....
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Diving Paradise – Coiba

In terms of diving in the Coiba region what you can expect to see in the marine life rich waters include a huge variety of marine species. Devil, Mobula and Eagle rays are the most prominent species of rays in the area, with no less than 4 species of dolphin being found here, these include...
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Tintorera - Cebaco Island

Tintorera Island or Caleta, Cebaco

It is located south of the Gulf of Montijo, it is the perfect place to escape the world and enjoy the incredible silence of nature can give you. Cebaco is a peaceful, quiet people, with kilometers of pristine beaches. For the months of September and October you can see whales and sea turtles.Only on the island you will be about as different beaches, between calm andstrong waves (2 m) perfect for surfing. Cebaco Island offers a phenomenal setting for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and other water sports. Geographically it has an elongated shape, of a width between 2 and 5 km and 25km long, extending from...
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Granito de Oro Island, Coiba

A small islet off the northeastern coast of Coiba Island named Granito de Oro (Gold Grain) has emerged as one of the most popular stops for visitors interested in snorkeling the abundant waters of Coiba National Park and picnicking on one of the most pristine beaches in the world. Its steep volcanic outcropping forms a...
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Canales de Afuera Island, Coiba

On the northeast side of the park, we find Isla Canales de Afuera, approximately 16 miles from Isla Coiba, has several sisters Isla Canales Afuerita and Canales de Tierra. The island  with 240 ha, is it is adorned with thick vegetation and a small but beautiful white sandy beach, it’s gorgeous, as well as the...
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Rancheria Island, Coibita

In front of Coiba Island, we find Isla Rancheria, also called Coibita, well known for being the younger sister of Coiba Island; it’s one of the most popular stops for visitors interested in exploring the national park. Its white sands, an abundance of palm trees make it the ideal place to spend a day enjoying...
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