Sport Fishing in Stuaries – Panama

The stuaries of the Gulf of Montijo are undoubtedly one of the most picturesque parts of Veraguas and the best place to go fishing, both for its abundance of fish such as the size and quality of your copies, we they becomeunforgettable days fishing days.

Traditionally, fishermen have used differentmethods andtechniques of fishing, both in still water and in the river and at sea.The most widespreadform, the waiting, which used natural bait, was joined over time fishingwith artificial, sportier, whose technique is to imitate from the shapes and colors to the movement of the bait , and they are known as modalities of spinning, trolling, jigging and fly casting, more commonly known as “fly fishing.”

Among the species that can be commonly found in the area have snapper, sea bass, grouper, snook, tarpon, etc.

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