Surf in Panama

Best Surf Spot in Panama

Panama has many beaches for surfing, but undoubtedly the best waves you will find in Veraguas. Santa Catalina: Photo: Eduardo Estrada Has one of the longest waves in Central America, which can reach up to 15 feet in height. This beach is known for its waves with incredible tubes, its rocky bottom, and has the...
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Panama Tourism

A small country about the size of South Carolina, Panama has a wide variety of world-class attractions: exotic tropical rainforests, stunning mountain refuges, a Caribbean and Pacific Coast with 1500 islands, seven living Indigenous cultures, a Miami-style sophisticated capital city, a vibrant nightlife, Spanish colonial historical sites, world-class golfing, diving, sport fishing, and surfing, not...
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Catedral de Santiago Apóstol

Veraguas Tourism

Only 3 million years ago America was two totally separate continents, then the Isthmus of Panama emerged as a bridge of interconnection, allowing the largest biological exchange in history, animals from the north and south were able to move freely between both hemispheres. As if that weren’t enough, Panama caused the course of ocean currents...
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Catedral de Santiago Apóstol

Panama Cultural Traditions

Tourists, who visit Panama and Veraguas, will be impressed by its friendly people, its tribes, and ancestral traditions that have been preserved to these days, added to the beautiful beaches, famous for surfing, crystalline lakes and rivers, high waterfalls, and tropical forests that reach to the feet of high mountains. Veraguas is the only province...
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Top Diving in Panama

Coiba Island has the widest variety of coral species, and you will be amazed by the impressive schools of fish, turtles, squid, eels, sharks, dolphins, whales, and much more. Coiba National Park, one of the world’s largest marine sanctuaries and a cornerstone of the Eastern Pacific Marine Corridor – an area of protected zones for...
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Panama Bird Watching

Birding in Panama is hot stuff… it’s one of the hottest places in Central America. The long Isthmus of Panama offers a variety of avifauna. Over 972 bird species with 107 regional endemics distributed in five Endemic Bird Areas. In addition to this, over 100 of the species are from South American origins or not...
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Senderismo Panama

Panama Hiking & Trekking

Panama and Veraguas allows you to spend days of hiking, taking in the great views, smelling the flowers, and breaking out the sweat, trekking a path to a distant and lonely waterfall or some cliff to meet the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, enjoying an unforgettable sunset, but later at the end of each day you...
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Panama Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Panama

Panama water has dozens of marine mammal species, including spotted and bottlenose dolphins, commonly escort small craft on any offshore excursion. During the months of July to November, it is very common to see in the distance, a spray of water explodes from the ocean’s surface.  Normally, it is the first sign that we are close...
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Granito de Oro Island, Coiba National Park

Beach Escape in Panama

Find your self in front of you, with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, under the sea, abundant marine life, and colorful coral reefs, behind you tropical forests of lush vegetation and wildlife, which are not found anywhere else in the world, make these islands in paradisiacal tourist destinations in Panama. Pedasi, Cebaco, Coiba...
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Panama Boat Tours

Panama Boat Tours & Natural Experiences

One of the most spectacular and magical regions of Panama is the Pacific coast of Veraguas and Pedasí. The true gem that attracts many visitors to Panama is Coiba Island; However, the island of Cébaco and Isla Iguana have nothing to ask of their older sister, white sands, crystal clear waters and a biodiversity that...
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