We list some things you should keep in mind when traveling to Panama and get a better experience.

  • Always keep in mind that the climate of Panama is mainly rainy (nine months of the year) so it is always useful to put dry clothes in the backpack parts.
  • Always carry personal medication and other personal items when you go to tours in rural or wooded sites.
  • You should always follow the directions of the tour guide or the boat captain.
  • If you visit beaches remember to bring sunscreen. And for forested areas, insect repellent never hurts (we recommend organic and biodegradable products).
  • Please always look for tourism providers, which respect the environment and local culture.
  • Do not buy souvenirs or gifts made from endangered species. Do not contribute to their extinction as corals, starfish, etc.
  • Wild animals should not be disturbed, do not try to get your attention or feed.  For sport fishing trips, we recommend releasing most of the fish we catch (Catch & Release), thereby ensuring the sustainability of the activity.
  • Try to reuse and recycle, avoid as much pollution.
  • Always do moderate use of water and energy.
  • For hiking is advisable to take your equipment as boots, long pants and shirt or jacket for long walking.
  • Swimsuit or beachwear for tours to beaches and coastal parts.
  • Tell us if you are allergic to any food or especially if you are vegetarian, so we can better organize your menu.

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