Whale Watching

Experience unforgettable moments in Panama, particularly for younger audiences, and for all those that are seeking to go on a whale watching tour in their natural habitat for the first time! Listening to the symphony of nature as you experience the breathtaking beauty of a captivating sunrise on the water.
Panama is one of the only places in the world to receive two different groups of whales, those of the North Pole and those of the South, the latter being the only whales that dare to cross the Equator Line.

Panamanian Humpback Whales are Back in Panama

Panama is one of only two places in the world where whales arrive from both poles (North and South) and those that come from the South are the only ones in the world that dare to cross the equator. Between July and October of each year, the country receives the visit of its largest citizens....
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Panama the Route of the Humpback Whales

The humpback whale inhabits all world oceans. Each group moves in its own feeding and breeding area, year after year. In the Pacific Southeast, there is a population that migrates from the Antarctic and Chile to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica, tt’s the only migration that involves crossing the Equator. Everything begins the...
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Delfín Nariz de Botella - Panama

Unforgettable Dolphin Boat Tours in Panama

We combining sightseeing and learning, our Dolphin Tour and Wildlife Adventure appeals to nature enthusiasts, for all ages. Enjoy the wetlands, coastal marshes, and wildlife on these 6 hours tour great for small groups.
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Dolphing in Panama

Gulf of Montijo Dolphin Safari, Wild Experience

Gulf of Montijo offers a unique opportunity to enjoy marine life at its best and will be your greatest wildlife experience during your stay in Panama.
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Santa Catalina Island Sunset

Santa Catalina – Panama

Santa Catalina, Panama is located on the Pacific coast in the central province of Veraguas. It is a mixture of quiet fishing village, a melting pot of foreign residents from all over the world and low-impact tourism with small hotels and authentic local and international restaurants and bars. Discovered in the late 70s by adventurous surfers,...
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Snorkeling in Coiba - Wild Colorful Adventure

Coiba – Living Laboratory

It has the highest rate of endemism of any equivalent region in the world, with over 1,700 hectares of living coral reefs in the National Park.
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Tintorera - Cebaco Island

Tintorera Island or Caleta, Cebaco

It is located south of the Gulf of Montijo, it is the perfect place to escape the world and enjoy the incredible silence of nature can give you. Cebaco is a peaceful, quiet people, with kilometers of pristine beaches. For the months of September and October you can see whales and sea turtles.Only on the island you will be about as different beaches, between calm andstrong waves (2 m) perfect for surfing. Cebaco Island offers a phenomenal setting for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and other water sports. Geographically it has an elongated shape, of a width between 2 and 5 km and 25km long, extending from...
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Whale Watching in Panama

Everything begins the last day of the year and goes on until March when they can be found in the Antarctic and the Chilean chilly coasts where they feed and fill their fat deposits to have the energy for their extraordinary journey. During the trip, the adults practically do not feed. Humpback whales migrate from...
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Coiba National Park – Panama

Coiba Panama was separated from about 12,000 to 18.000 years ago, when sea levels rose. Plants and animals in the new island was isolated from the mainland, during which time most of the animals have diverged in the appearanceand behavior of their continental counterparts. Hence the island is home to many endemic subspecies.
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Veraguas – Protected Areas

Veraguas has eight protected areas, which are: Santa Fe National Park. Coiba National Park. Cerro Hoya National Park (shared with the province of Los Santos). Wetlands of Gulf of Montijo. La Yeguada Forest Reserve. Alto Guarumo Forest Reserve. Municipal Protected Area of The Thermal Pools of El Potrero. Municipal Protected Area El Salto de Las...
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