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Birding in Panama is amazing, always we were a natural bridge for the North and South America, more than one thousand species can spot in Panama, good enough to merit a mention in the New York Times. Birds can be easy to spot if you know where to go in Panama, it’s soo tiny and narrow, you can walk through from mangrove and marine environment to a mountain in minutes like the coast of Mariato and Cerro Hoya National Park or spend a few days around Panama Canal area, Chiriqui Highlands, Santa Fe, the majestic wetlands of the Gulf of Montijo or the virgin jungles of Darien and Coiba

Beach of Gulf of Montijo

Tres Islas (Three Island) – Gulf of Montijo

These exotic and beautiful islets are located in the northeastern part of Isla Leones, toward the central part of the Gulf of Montijo, with a beautiful view of Cebaco Island. It is a place of great natural and ecological beauty, which are three small, one close to the other, from where you can observe the...
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Snorkeling in Coiba - Wild Colorful Adventure

Coiba – Living Laboratory

It has the highest rate of endemism of any equivalent region in the world, with over 1,700 hectares of living coral reefs in the National Park.
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Green Island (Isla Verde) – Gulf of Montijo

It is a small island located at the end of the mangroves and the mouth of the San Pedro River, in the Gulf of Montijo, province of Veraguas. This is a place of great natural and ecological beauty where you can see a variety of birds characteristic of the area. On this island you will find mangrove areas magnificent for kayaking. The...
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Perdomo Island

Perdomo Island – Gulf of Montijo

It is a small islet, also known as Hull Island, a name it was given during the military presence of the United States in the area during World War II, as its shape is similar to a hull. This islet is located in the heart of the Wetlands of International Importance Gulf of Montijo, from...
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Boca Trinidad Lagun

It is a mangrove islet, surrounded by tranquil waters like a crystal mirror, looks like a lake, hence its name; It is located about 20 minutes from our port of departure.It is characterized as a night haven for different species of seabirds, which can be observed usually very early in the morning and at dusk.  The birds...
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San Pablo River

San Pablo River born in the mountains of Tabasará, in the northern part of the province of Veraguas, running for more than 80 km until the mouth in the Gulf of Montijo. The river is one of the largest rivers in Veraguas, at its mouth join with Gulf of Montijo characterized by the biodiversity  of...
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Coiba Bird Watching

Panama is one of the most diverse countries in the world for bird species with over 976 species recorded, more than Canada and the US combined. The diversity and abundance of birds in this area makes Panama bird watching tours a must for anyone visiting the country. Coiba Island is home to one of the...
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Coiba National Park – Panama

Coiba Panama was separated from about 12,000 to 18.000 years ago, when sea levels rose. Plants and animals in the new island was isolated from the mainland, during which time most of the animals have diverged in the appearanceand behavior of their continental counterparts. Hence the island is home to many endemic subspecies.
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Things to do in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a lovely rural village in the highlands of Veraguas Province of central Panama. With an elevation of around 1,500 feet, is also boasts a near-perfect climate. The daytime high temperature ranges from 75° F to 85° F and at night it cools down to 65° F to 70° F. These traits attract...
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Veraguas – Protected Areas

Veraguas has eight protected areas, which are: Santa Fe National Park. Coiba National Park. Cerro Hoya National Park (shared with the province of Los Santos). Wetlands of Gulf of Montijo. La Yeguada Forest Reserve. Alto Guarumo Forest Reserve. Municipal Protected Area of The Thermal Pools of El Potrero. Municipal Protected Area El Salto de Las...
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